Hello my name is Gabriella

For 10 years I have been together with my friend turned husband, Dewey. He is not only my husband but he can be my mentor and my personal critic. I am Gabriella, an Italian living in Edinburg with my American husband. Edinburg is a historical place for both of us because this is the city where we both once studied and met and decided to get married.

My husband is an architect and I am an interior designer, so we often collaborate when we work. One of our collaborations has given us an award. The award brought us travelling to several countries. That was one of our incredible moment while working together.

We also write blog, my husband writes about architecture while me about home décor. It is interesting to see that many who do not come from our background love to ask about how to decorate a house or making furniture.

Simple and practical are my keys in designing. I believe a simple and practical can still be chic and aesthetic. Somehow my husband thinks that way too, so that is why we fit together when we collaborate.

As an Italian, I love cooking so much. It runs in my blood. Having a chef who is working in a famous restaurant in Rome as a father, you won’t need to go out for food. That’s the best thing. He passed on his skill to me. I love spending my time in the kitchen when I am not designing. Pasta is my expertise. Eating delicious food while enjoying conversation about designing is our kitchen habit.